About the contributors

Prof Stuart Khan, University of New South Wales

Stuart Khan is a Professor in the School of Civil & Environmental Engineering at the University of New South Wales, Australia. His research and teaching encompas drinking water and wastewater quality and treatment.

Dr Paul Monis

Paul Monis holds adjunct Associate Professor status at Flinders University, UniSA and the University of Adelaide. Paul’s specialty areas include the molecular detection and inactivation of enteric pathogens in water and wastewater. See Paul’s papers in Google Scholar

Associate Professor Fiona Young

Fional Young is an adjunct Associate Professor in the College of Medicine and Public Healthat Flinders University in South Australia.

Associate Professor Krista Wigginton

Krista Rule Wigginton is an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan. Part of her reseatch focus is on human pathogenic viruses; in particular, she 1) seeks improved virus detection methods, 2) aims to better understand the types and concentrations of human pathogenic viruses that exist in our daily environment, and 3) utilize a range of biomolecular and analytical chemistry tools to link virus particle characteristics to observed behaviors in natural and engineered environments.

Dr David Roser

David Roser is Program Manager, Environmental Microbiology, with the UNSW Water Research Centre in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Prof Charles Haas

Charles Haas is Department Head and LD Betz Professor of Environmental Engineering in the College of Engineering at Drexel University. Research interests include water treatment, risk assessment, bioterrorism, environmental modeling and statistics, microbiology, environmental health.

Associate Professor Kyle Bibby

Kyle Bibby is an Associate Professor and Wanzek Collegiate Chair at the University of Notre Dame in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences. He currently leads multiple research projects investigating microbial water quality and microbial communities in the built and natural environment.

Professor Nick Ashbolt

Prof. Nicholas Ashbolt has over 30 years experience with waterborne pathogens and is an advisor to various government regulators and the WHO in developing water guidelines and regulations. His specific research on persistence of infectious human viruses in association with amoebae is a new field of potential concern associated with sewage and treated/disinfected wastewater.

Dr Dan Deere

Dan Deere is Director of Australian Water Consultancy, Water Futures.

A/Prof Susan Petterson

Susan Petterson is an Associate Professor in the School of Medicine, Griffith University. She is also the Director of Water & Health Pty Ltd., and an Editor of the Journal of Water and Health.

Dr Arash Zamyadi

Arash Zamaydi (Google Scholar) is a Research Manager at Water Research Australia (position based in Melbourne) and Adjunct Academic Fellow at Water Research Centre, University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney. He is also an International Water Association (IWA) Fellow and Co-Chief Editor of Water Quality Research Journal (WQRJ) published by IWA.

Do you have expertise in relevent water research and want to be a contributor to this blog? Please get in touch via the “contact” page of this blog.

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